Shrek – 2014

Leads with Jezebelle


Theatre Company: Actors & Artists of Fayette County
Director: Ernest Watson
My Role(s): Wardrobe Manager, Puppetry Supervisor, Makeup Supervisor, “Big Bad Wolf”

I was introduced to Ernest and Laurie Watson, as well as a new theater, when he asked me to costume Shrek the Musical, directed by “Ernie”. Suddenly, I was sourcing costumes for fairy tale creatures and handling rather challenging makeup and prosthetic work. As if that wasn’t enough, we realized we still needed a dragon for the show!  Since I came up with a neat way to build the life-sized dragon puppet the show requires, I was tasked with bringing her to life. Lastly, due to last minute casting changes, I found myself suddenly thrust into the cast myself. In the end, my multitasking skills were ultimately put to a test as I handled the costumes, the quick changes, the puppetry work, prosthetic and makeup work, AND was in the cast itself! 

Working on this show with a new cast, a new creative team, and a new theater was life changing! I came in as a nobody, with only the praise of a sole fellow costumer to stand upon. Yet by the time the show closed, not only was it quite a success but I had proven myself as a Wardrobe Manager and more. It was quite a surprise when I was awarded the theater’s Tottie Award for the Best Costume Design of the 2014 season!

Additional Show Notes:

“Shrek the Musical” is QUITE a challenging show! Head over HERE to find out more about those challenges and how I overcame them, along with some of my production notes and organizational breakdowns.