Tottie Award 2015 King I Oval

I graduated from Clarion University of Pennsylvania in December ’09 with a Bachelor’s of the Arts in Theater, with a  minor in acting, tech theater, and French. While working actively within the theater department at school, I was involved in many productions – both onstage and backstage. During the spring semester of 2008, I studied abroad in Lille, France at the l’Universite Catholique de Lille, completing my French minor but also opening my eyes to the world away from home.

After graduating and moving back home, I costumed some of the productions during the 2009-10 and 2010-2011 season for Stage Right! in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. Deibert Designs was created shortly afterwards when a local high school wished to rent some of the costumes I created for one of those shows.

Shortly afterward, my personal life changed directions which took me away from theater and costuming for a few years. Instead, I entered Emergency Services and became an EMT. After a few years, I returned back to school and obtained my Associate of Sciences Degree as a Paramedic in Fall ’09 from the Community College of Allegheny County.

Ironically, it was during the summer break upon returning to school that I “fell” immediately back into theater and costuming. While helping a friend out acting in a children’s show, “someone” mentioned that I also am a costumer. Before I knew it, I costumed the rest of the Children’s Season that summer, AND costumed “Shrek” at the Geyer Performing Arts Center. Oh, I also created and built a life-sized dragon!

Starting from those few shows that summer, I blossomed into an award-winning Costume Designer and Wardrobe Manager working with local theater companies and high schools. Additionally, I further broadened my skills into Set Design, Puppetry, and even as a Director.

In 2017, my life took another turn and I embarked on a journey traveling the world. After a brief respite back home, I headed down to New Zealand in March 2018 for a year with Working Holiday Visa. I quickly fell in love with New Zealand, the people, the lifestyle, and so much more – I finally feel “home”. While the past four years have been quite a roller coaster, I’m working hard to continue the life I have built down under. While I have dabbled a bit in theatre down here, for the time being my theatre and costume business is on hold. I fully intend to return back to theatre and costuming when possible, but for the time being I am not accepting any new projects.

If you are interested in my work or would like to speak to me concerning costuming or other theatrical work, please Contact Me!