Johnny Appleseed Children’s Theater – Summer 2014


Theatre Company: Apple Hill Playhouse
Director: Stas Ziolkowski, Rob MacIntyre, Andy Meholick
My Role(s): Wardrobe Manager

When I returned onstage to help out a friend, Tina Lepidi-Stewart, with her children’s show Cinderella, it quickly became known that I’m a costumer. Suddenly, I found myself being asked to costume the remaining three shows of Apple Hill Playhouse’s Johnny Appleseed Children’s Theater Season!

My first show as costumer for the season was Aladdin, followed byThe Further Adventures of Maide Marian. The final show of the season was The Truly Remarkable Puss in BootsThe challenge of this show, in addition to the entire Children’s Season, was that there was no actual budget for the show. Thus, my costume design became a “found costume” design which created a challenging task to accomplish!