Shrek – 2016

IMG 1734


Theatre Company: McKeesport High School
Director: Tina Lepidi-Stewart
My Role(s): , Wardrobe Manager

After being successful in last year’s musical, Bye Bye Birdie, Tina Lepidi-Stewart asked me to continue working with her and the amazing kids at McKeesport High School. This year, I was on board early enough to have a say in the selection of our show – so I pushed strongly for Shrek, having previously worked on the show (costumes, dragon puppet, makeup, actually being IN the show, … ) After getting the stamp of approval, it was time to return to the swamp!

Even though I was quite familiar with the challenges of the show, this was a new production with a much younger cast. This time around though, I only managed the costumes. We ended up using a different Dragon than my Jezebelle while the makeup & prosthetics were handled by another.