RENT – Student Edition

Theatre Company: Stage Right!
Director: Tony Marino
My Role(s): Wardrobe Manager

After successfully proving myself with costuming Stage Right’s homeschool shows, I was given the chance to costume one of my dream shows – RENT, directed by Tony Marino. This was the student company’s annual teen show, so they had to use the Student Edition. While RENT is now a period show, it is one I grew up with so I know it quite well. Costuming this production proved to be quite challenging!

Additional Show Notes:

The first challenge of this production was due to casting. To give more students the opportunity to perform, the male leads were double cast and the female lead roles were quadruple cast! This required me to either design one costume that could fit all of the actors/actresses playing the role, or to create multiple sizes or similar looking costumes per role. A combination of both were necessary.

The second challenge of this production also pertained to the casting in that in addition to a rather large ensemble, the actors/actresses playing the lead roles were ALSO in the ensemble on their non-performing nights! Due to the challenge already presented by the lead characters, my solution for all of the ensemble was to have them research the musical and the late 1980’s/early 1990’s and bring in an appropriate styled costume they could wear. Each costume was reviewed and approved by myself, however the cast did an amazing job and only minor changes were needed.