“Frank” – Frankenstein Puppet


While I initially was not involved with the production of Young Frankenstein, directed by Ernest Watson for Actor’s & Artists of Fayette County at the Geyer Theater, due to having returned back to school full-time – that did not stop anything! After creating an incredible life-sided Dragon puppet, Jezebelle, for Shrek with them, my “expertise” was begged for to help create a giant Frankenstein puppet. Despite initially saying no, I started considering how it could be done by the poolside at work – and the idea literally was in front of my face – again. Pool noodles this time became fingers and toes, PVC pipe became the structure, add in plenty of fabric, and suddenly, … – IT’S ALIVE!!!

After “Frank’s” success in this production, he was asked to join another local theatre’s production of Young Frankenstein. This rental recouped the initial costs to create the puppet and also brought me some profit as well. But “Frank’s” taste for the stage could not be quelled – he returned back on the Geyer stage but under a gigantic cloak as the Ghost of Christmas Future in A Christmas Carol, co-directed by Tina Lepidi-Stewart and myself!