Theatre Company: McKeesport High School
Director: Tina Lepidi-Stewart
My Role(s): , Wardrobe Manager

After two successful years, Tina Lepidi-Stewart asked me to return for a third time as Wardrobe Manager for McKeesport High School. This time we entered the magical realm and brought this classic Rogers & Hammerstein musical to life. Tina opted for the most magical, the Enchanted version which is based off the 1997 film starring Brandi and Whitney Houston.

While the show is magical, my job was how to create the transformation dresses and how to create a uniform elegant look to the ball. In the end, our budget allowed us to rent not only all of the ensemble’s costumes for the ball, but also many of the lead’s costumes. Yet my most difficult challenge on this show was the double casting of the leads.  In the end, the result was breathtaking to watch and lived up to the magical expectation of Cinderella.