NOTE: I am not currently living in the US, and am NOT available to design or work on any shows at present.

While my main focus is in the realm of costuming, I am also skilled in other areas of theatrical design and am able to utilize those skills to help your production.

Set Design

While obtaining my initial design training during college, since graduating I have successfully designed and built Sets for theater. Using both sketches and SketchUp to render the design, I will create a practical set that will help bring your production to life onstage. I will further lead the building of the set, followed with the strike after the show closes.


An aspect of theater that I literally “fell” into is Puppetry. While costuming “Shrek” the musical, we needed a dragon. It was actually the concept of a boned hoop skirt that lead me to eventually building a 20′ long, 16′ wing spanned dragon puppet that came alive onstage. Later that season, a giant Frankenstein puppet was needed – I designed and built one that was then used for a total of three different productions.

If your production requires a puppet or puppet-like showpiece, I can design, construct, and potentially help operate it during the run.


Lastly, I have entered the realm of directing and pulling all elements of a production together within a single vision. I am still a new director, but I am confident I can bring a unique vision to your season’s next production.

If you wish for me to work on your next theatrical production or season, please use the contact form below and include the following in your message:

  • The name of the production(s)
  • The date(s) of your production(s), including tech rehearsals and any other important deadlines
  • What job you are requesting
  • The budget, if known for set design or puppetry design.

If your production will fit within my schedule, the next stage in the process will be to schedule a free consulting appointment to discuss design concepts, finalize the details and draft a contract. Once the contract is confirmed and signed by all parties, work will begin on your production.

Michael Deibert, Designer

    Set DesignPuppet DesignDirecting

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