Below are some of the challenges of this production and how I overcame each one:

  • For this exotic musical with a cast of 70 persons, I was asked to keep the budget under $150. QUITE a lot of planning was required to costume the show within the given budget, yet remain true to my design. To aid in the planning and coordination of such a large cast, a spreadsheet was necessary. (Shown below)
  • As the show is set in 1861, Anna’s outfit had to be appropriate for an English woman of the time. As my focus is on period costumes, I handled the design, pattern, fitting, and construction of all of Anna’s costumes. To alleviate the strain on the budget, these garments were covered on my own and rented to the theater for the production. Further details on these garments can be found here.
  • While I handled all of Anna’s outfits, I had a team of others helping to sew and create other costumes. The headpieces for the ballet and general costumes were created by the props team. The King’s outfits were designed by me, however, they were patterned and sewn by a fellow costumer. Another team of mothers helped in sewing together the ballet tunics, following the design and pattern I created. (Shown below)
  • The challenge of creating the exotic look and feel of Siam within our minimal budget was solved thanks to the mother of one of the cast members. Having married into an Indian family, she had access to her own collection of saris and clothing that, along with borrowing from her family and friends, allowed me to costume all of the wives, children, and the other main leads.

Ballet Tunic Pattern & Instructions

King & I Character Breakdown